Linda Jump’s books range from the children’s book “Ethan Egret’s Family Album” to a memoir-writing instruction book and a humor book.


Ethan Egret’s Family Album

Ethan Egret's Family Albumby Linda Jump

In his lush Florida wetland, Ethan Egret misses something – a family. Ethan learns to dance and sprouts elegant plumage to attract a mate, Emily. They nest and raise two chicks, the adventuresome Chloe and Joshua. Chloe doesn’t do as she is told, and daddy Ethan must rescue her and explain that some neighbors are not to be trusted: “Stay away from Mr. Alligator.”

Most pages in this children’s book contain facts about Great Egrets. The book also contains tips for photographing wild birds.

Ethan Egret’s Family Album is a charming book that will entertain and teach both child and parent about the early family life of one of America’s most elegant and loved birds. The words and stunning photographs complement each other and offer fascinating details for everyone. I look forward to many readings of Ethan Egret’s Family Album to my grandchildren.”
– Louis DeMouy, Past President,
Montgomery Bird Club, Maryland Ornithological Society

“Ethan Egret’s Family Album is a book that young readers and their parents alike can enjoy and learn from. I particularly found the photos and descriptions of the ways the parents feed their young something that many youngsters are not aware of and probably have never seen.
For all who care about our wildlife and environment, Ethan Egret’s Family Album spotlights the complicated life and the struggles that these marvelous birds deal with every day. The fact that you shot so many beautiful images of the Great Egrets to chronicle their courtship, nest building, egg laying and raising of their young is fascinating. Thank you from all of us who dearly love our outdoors.”
Tim Williams, Alligator Wrestler and Director of Media Productions at Gatorland Orlando

Ethan Egret’s Family Album is a pure joy, nature at its best. I especially liked Linda Jump’s sequence of capturing the egret’s life and then writing the story. I would read it to my first graders.”
– Carolyn G. Hamilton, Educator (ret.)

“This story of Ethan and Emily Egret’s family journey is enjoyable, well-researched and written; a story that is filled with biological facts and an essential lesson on emotional and practical parenting. This engaging story should prove to become a staple nature classic. All ages can read, learn and enjoy.”
– Marie E. Roman, Author and Educator (ret.)

Ethan Egret’s Family Album is wonderfully depicted–a children’s avian adventure story as lived by a typical family of Great Egrets. The painstaking time devoted by the photographer-author Linda Jump to photograph and describe the lives of these birds from birth to flight defines the author’s devotion to authenticity and appreciation of a child’s viewpoint. Truly a marvelous read for everyone, including those 5 to 10 year olds who love nature, and for whom the author undertook this lovely task.”
– Ed von Koenigseck of West Melbourne, Florida, Technical Writer for Private Industry

“A charming easy-reader with photos and fast facts about the life cycle of the Great Egret.”
– Anne Mack

ISBN 978-0-9826047-0-5         Learn more at publisher Terra Sancta Press



From Memories to Memoir Using the Jump Start Method

From Memories to Memoir Using the Jump Start Methodby Linda Jump

Imagine how proud you will feel when you present your family with a professional quality memoir to cherish! From Memories to Memoir Using the Jump Start Method takes you step by step to capture memories, write with clarity, and tell a good story to complete a treasured memoir.

“We all have stories to share of unique experiences and wisdom gained, stories to shock, inspire and guide the next generation. With From Memories to Memoir using the Jump Start Method by Linda Jump, readers learn to guide their memories to select those tales that captivate and entertain. It gives instruction on genealogy research and documentation as a means to fill in the gaps. The Jump Start Method is the cutting-edge process of memoir writing that bypasses writer’s block and enables you to jog your memories and produce a first-hand account of how things were, as your gift to the generations to come.”
– Keyon Jason Jordan

ISBN 9780982964743            Learn more at publisher Terra Sancta Press


The Lighting of the Acolyte: A Treasury of Blunders and Bloopers From Church Bulletins and Newsletters

The Lighting of the Acolyteby Linda M. Jump

To err is human. Fortunately, so is the ability to laugh at our mistakes. And this collection of actual bloopers and blunders from church newsletters, bulletins, and pulpits across the country will keep you laughing for a long time to come.

Thousands of church secretaries, pastors, and parishioners from several denominations in over thirty states were willing to share their most embarrassing typos, stories, and tongue-tied trip-ups. The author has chosen the very best of them all, included them here for your church secretary, pastor, parishioners — and you — to enjoy.

So, if you have ever said to yourself, “Only I could make a goof like that!” come share a laugh with Linda Jump and several of your fellow human beings.

ISBN-10: 089536896X    ISBN-13: 978-0895368966



Voices of Experience, A Compilation of Life Stories

Compiled and edited by Linda Jump

Voices of Experience

You’ll identify with the funniest and most poignant vignettes from Linda Jump’s Writing Your Life classes. Unusual births, integration, successes and failures, wars, lies, humorous incidents and family rituals mark the contributors’ transitions from naivete to retirement. The stories by 26 authors will bring back memories of your own life and the good old days and help you to discover ways to adapt to cultural and institutional change. They may also inspire you to begin your own memoir.

ISBN-10: 098296479X ISBN-13: 978-0982964798